Who we are

We are a team of enthusiants and innovators who are always into making of a life impacting mobile application. We make simple and easy to use apps, taking ideas from day to day life. People worldwide have been appreciating and reviwing our apps.

It's just a start, there a way far , just keep trusting us and continue using our apps.Also, dont forget to update from time to time so that you do not miss any new feature & fun.


Here are a few reasons to choose us

Clean and User friendly

You will find our apps very neat and easy to use beacuse of an interface that is clean and very user friendly.

Compact Sizes

We try to make the apps as compact as possible to help you keep it in your phone with even small memory size.

Day to day life related

You will find that our apps pick problelsm related to day to day life and try to solve them in most effective mannner.

Upadtes for improvement

We aim to provide you bug free experience and also wish to keep you updated with the latest information, for which we keep uoadting versions.

STAR Ratings
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Recent Work

30 Days Makeover

Beauty Care at Home

Daily Beauty Care

Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes

+20k +200

Mens Fashion 2018

Style, Looks, Tips & Items

+5k +50

Skin and Face Care

Ascne, fairness, wrinkles

+100 +10

Hair Care

Dandruff, Hair Fall, Black Shiny Hair

+100 +10

Eye Care

Eye Exercises, Dark Circles, Eyebrows

+100 +10

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